Jennifer Charlton

Throughout time the teenage years are dependant on music to get them through troubled times. As adults we can then be instantly transported to what we were feeling at that time in an instant upon hearing the music again.

set in an abandoned property chosen for its bright colour scheme and vintage decor in a loc action that has a story to tell.

fashion shot for the Brief Power

The running condensation from the eye represents the tears for the people of Ukraine, the colour palette represents the Ukraine flag with the model wearing combat clothing to represent the civilians taking up arms.

A lifetime of training in three minute rounds

Making your mark in front of a home crowd

Turning ICM techniques from my usual landscape images to fashion

Lambing in the Lammermuirs, a documentary on a Scottish Shepherd

The pregnant ewes are driven from the lambing pens to the Run in preparation for lambing to begin

Jennifer Charlton

I am currently in my third year at Edinburgh College studying Professional Photography and will be progressing on to the B.A. in August 2022 after being awarded an A grade.

I was awarded Edinburgh College Student Of The Year in 2020 and working throughout my studies as a professional Photographer. This work has opened up opportunities with some of the biggest Global Boxing Promoters all across the UK.

I am very excited to be continuing my journey with Edinburgh College and Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, where I intend to specialise in Photojournalism, Editorial, Sport and Documentary.


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