James Sinclair

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A Sunday afternoon in Brick Lane.

A pop up food stall in Brick Lane

The opera singer acknowledges the applause for his aria.

Scaled down in Brixton.

Sunshine and signore in Putney

Pausing to consider

Coffee with Karl

Dogs everywhere, even the owner's headgear is a bit canine!

Waiting for customers amidst layered reflections

A poster hits the deck in Shoreditch

A cardboard cutout showing the way in

Looking upstream and downstream

The after effects of Special K cider

Anni Albers looks down protectively

An impromptu but coordinated dance routine

James Sinclair



London based

I aim to capture the atmosphere and the moment.

My photographs have a strong compositional structure.

I use black and white to emphasise form, shape and the relationship between

different elements of the image.

I do minimal editing on Lightroom.

I photograph unobtrusively with a wide angle lens at hip level.

I like realism and dislike the contrived and over edited look of much contemporary photography.




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