Huseyin Ovayolu

Uprooted 2016 - 2022 • Where is far from me on a map with borders; I started this project with the aim of exploring the land where I was born and its surroundings by looking where it is close to me. I walked both the borders drawn by human hands and the borders invisible in our minds. While searching for the near and far delusions that have existed in my mind since childhood; Those differences that occurred in my mind were not actually differences when I went there, I started trying to find and understand this reality. I have defined photography as a journey in understanding the reality I encountered with what I thought existed there, and in exploring the geography where I was born and raised. I knew that these journeys I embarked on were mainly based on finding myself and returning to the self. During this journey, the questions circulating in my mind, where is homeland and what is homelessness, began to appear in my photographs.

Krasnaoils'k, Ukraine 2018

Kars, Turkiye 2018

Varosha, Cyprus 2017

Elegaz, Armenia 2019

Izmir, Turkiye 2016

Mersin, Turkiye 2017

Mersin, Turkiye 2017

Kiev, Ukraine 2018

Huseyin Ovayolu

I do long-term photography projects. I live and work in London.

(b.1986 Gaziantep, Turkey)


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