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The feature best describing children is spontaneity and this is the way they need to be represented. As exactly in this image, framing a little girl, my daughter Grace, with her hair shaken from sea wind and her annoyed look turned to the sandy ground (shot made at beach of Den Haag)

The style of this portrait completely differs from the previous one. Although she is not intentionally posing for a shot, her look appears more elegant and curated

I would define this photo as the paradox of what is supposed o happening in church environments: quiet, rest, prayer, silence and meditation usually dominate the scene ...while she, my favourite model and dochter Grace, is running and playing at her best not caring about all the rest happening around her

This photo doubtless frame the tender hug of a mother holding her daughter tight in her arms

The scenario doesn't need to be explained

I was seated on a comfortable chair when all of a sudden the shape of a lovely dancing girl made her appearance in front of me

wo photo's reminders of a conference that I was in charge to shooting last Saturday. The first one on the left frames a gentleman who reminded me the actor Marlon Brando in the first serial ''Il Padrino'', memorable movie

During a bus ride I got impressed by the intense look of this young woman that all of a sudden and for a fraction of a second lifted her face and eye to the bus ceiling

I took this picture during a break of a conference I was in charge to photograph. What impressed me most and led me to shoot was her bright yellow dress contrasting with the darker environment surrounding her

An again a photo of my little favourite model

This shot was made in Treviso (Italy) and frames the reflection of a female dummy - symbol of pure elegance and beauty, a sort of tribute to This capture frames the reflection of a female dummy - symbol of pure elegance and beauty and a tribute to femininity

This capture frames a boy running on a street inside Hilversum Railway underground tunnel (Netherlands), visually communicating the indissoluble loving bod between people and dogs

Giulia Cerocchi

My name is Giulia Cerocchi. I am an Italian living in The Netherlands since April 2017.

I’ve spent my last 20 years working carrier stuck in a corporate role that didn’t belong to me or didn’t reflect my deepest aspirations, natural inclinations and personal tastes. Now I am 40, mother of three wonderful kids (just sometimes wonderful) and just slightly more than a year ago I discovered my so far repressed highest vocation: photography.

Above all, I discovered myself being completely in love with street photography and all features related to this extremely fascinating genre: spontaneous and ordinary gestures of ordinary people captured in their daily life; captures of dirty kids with their uncombed hair happily playing at a playground or eating a biscuit while being totally unware of being about to become the main subject of a shot! captures of children running with their dog on an underground street; a loving hug of a mother holding her little daughter tight in her arms and more and more similar scenarios’…

With that said, it would not be difficult to deduct that most of the time I try to convert positive feelings into images expressing reassurance, happiness, emotional sense of freedom, confidence and love…in a few words: happiness. On the other end, in a few photos’ of mine I act more realistically by representing darker feelings such as loneliness.  Through metaphorical images I also try to express recurrent feelings, such as those generated by unpleasant episodes of bullyism and stalking.

Two recurrent features in my photo’s are silhouettes and reflections. Moreover I love shooting in black and white, likewise I love playing with chromatic contrasts to add more intensity to people and / or objects I aim to represent.

Beside street photography, driven by a very personal open minded and great fun for new and hard challenges, I am specialising in still life and product photography. I love this kind of creative photography as it requires strong skills in playing with light and shadows and strong abilities to identify the most effective capture perspective depending on the type of effects wished. I will add soon photos’ of this category to my portfolio.

I joined the Shutter Hub as I fully share and believe in its mission and goals to support worldwide photographers in their effort to gaining more visibility. I feel, and I hope, that my desire and aspirations to become a professional-paid photographer someday might come true and get facilitated by being part of this promising and inspiring community.

I really wish you appreciate my work and my efforts to express reality with a touch of personal creativity and imagination!

Giulia Cerocchi





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