Eva Marschan-Hayes

Ecstasy of Light 2016

The Lightness of Being 2016

Zest of Life 2016

Visual delight 2017

Bodies are fragile ~ Spirits are Light 2017

Protection 2021

Delicate 2016

Fading Memory 2019

Solitude 2021

Silence 2021

Eva Marschan-Hayes

I am a poet and self- taught photographic artist interested in individual and collective human experiences. One of my objectives as an artist is to bring viewers in touch with their inner world. As such I often construct images to stimulate imagination.  My work touches on intangible themes, including memory, emotions, dreams, fantasy and spirituality. These things can not always be understood with our rational mind but exists as something we experience.

Within my work I use a mixture of photographic & digital editing processes, sometimes combing them with handmade techniques, including collage making. I play with natural materials I find on my walks or in the garden and objects with a personal history including art works and old photos. I continuously experiment with different methods and explore new ways of creating, often blurring boundaries between photography and other forms of visual art. 

Some of my imagery I use to accompany poems, I write in English and in German. Since 2018 I have been exhibiting my images in the UK and more recently also in Europe. I have been part of various publications and collaborative projects. Some recent ones include: ” Virtual Home Museum” with Lagos Photo, “Out of the Woods” with Fronteer Arts, “Lewes Calendar project”, “British Postcards” with Shutter Hub, “Poetry- a Shutter Hub Editions Publication” and forthcoming “My Shadow” a collection of text & images related to Carl Gustav Jung notion of shadow, curated by Aldobranti Fosco Fornio. In more recent, collaborative work I have focused on the experience of a non-binary person, creating a voice and feeling of empowerment through imagery. This is an area of work I am interested to further develop.

I am a co-founder of the Flow Collective and a trained creative wellbeing workshop facilitator and mentor.


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