Elizabeth Woodger

Elizabeth Woodger

Elizabeth Woodger is a photographic artist living and working in Somerset, UK.

As a former geologist with a PhD in palaeoclimatology, Elizabeth spent many years researching past greenhouse climates as a potential analogue for future, anthropogenic climate change.  Her remit then, was to study the subsurface milieu – the stratifications, organisms, processes and relationships – and now as an artist, she finds herself doing exactly the same thing.

Elizabeth’s photographic practice is both conceptual and experimental, drawing heavily on the duality of science and art.  Her work examines how landscapes have been shaped and how they respond to human behaviour; it is about people, landforms, environment and climate.

In her work, Elizabeth experiments with process, form, manipulation and transformation.  She frequently employs alternative photographic techniques, many of which combine meticulous planning with an element of chance.  She also incorporates elements of sculpture, installation, performance and moving image into her photographic practice as she explores her relationship with the landscape.

Elizabeth is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in photography.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries in the UK and online, and she was recently awarded gold prize in the Association of Photographers Student Awards.


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