Dee Lister

Preview of an image from current project 'Love Letter to Sun Rising', with photography and poetry.

Title borrowed from poetry by Cristina Teodor.

Drift - published in Shutter Hub's online exhibition (

'My body is light - Movement flows - easy'

Dee Lister

I’m a self-taught photographer and poet who is most inspired and at peace in nature. For me photography is a walking meditation and opportunity for multi-sensory awareness, joy and play.

My interests are shaped by past work as a psychologist who researched people’s everyday lived experiences. I now focus upon the small stories in nature using a blend of photography and poetry. I’m currently working on a project called ‘Love Letter to Sun Rising’ which will be published in a book or zine in 2022.

I sometimes delve into other genres and have had self-portraits accepted as part of the ‘Your Body Belongs to You’ exhibition that’ll take place in France next year.


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