Dee Lister

Dee Lister

I’m a self-taught queer artist who lives with trauma and disability. I’m based in the North West of England and enjoy creating and making of many kinds. I work intuitively and you’ll often find small moments that unfold in nature or form part of my embodied experiences the scenes and subject of my photography. Poetry speaks to me as a way to attune myself with songs sung about everyday happenings, so you’ll see words running alongside my images.

I’m publishing a zine called Glimmers on 20.8.2022/World Anthotype Day. This features anthotypes and poetry that’s inspired by changing skies. See my website for details.


Group exhibitions/art publications:

2022. YEARBOOK 2022. Online exhibition. Shutter Hub.

(June 2022) ‘Embodying trauma and troubling appearances within photography for the ‘Your Body Belongs to You’ exhibition’. Article for the Beauty Demands Network.

(April 2022) ‘Tunnel Vision‘ (image 5) featuring in ‘Road Trip‘ publication. Shutter Hub Editions.

(April-Sept 2022) ‘Your Body Belongs to You’ (images 1-4), curated by Karen Harvey and Marisol Mendez. Venue: Festival Pil’Ours

(2021) ‘Yearbook 2021′. Online exhibition. Shutter Hub 


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