Dee Lister

Dee Lister

I am a self-taught creative photographer and artist based in the UK. In the past I completed a PhD in psychology and worked as associate lecturer. I now live a creative life and enjoy exploring concepts and emotional experiences in my work, often taking a felt sense of being or happenings within nature as my subject.

I’m currently working on my first zine of alternative photography ‘sun print’ images that are inspired by golden hour light. I’m proud to be part of the Your Body Belongs to You exhibition being held in St Gilles Croix de Vie in France and look forward to featuring in the Shutter Hub’s ‘Road Trip’ publication with an image called ‘Tunnel Vision’. This tapped into my experiences of living with disability and invisible illness.

I’m a member of Shutter Hub, Nature First (the Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography), OutsideIn (charity providing a platform for artists who face barriers to the art world due health, disability, social circumstances or isolation) and the Beauty Demands Network.


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