Dee Lister

'my fingers sting - my feet rejoice - there is nothing that beats being out...'

One year I fell in love with grasses. Title borrowed from poetry by Cristina Teodor.

'My body is light Movement flows easy'

Night light, night bright, can I see the wonder tonight?

A lone tree weathering the storm atop a crag of limestone rock.

Look to the tranquil bliss of a world in waters still

Image taken from the 'surrender to shadow' mixed media collection.

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind (Bob Dylan)

'peel back layers of old...'

The blue of promise, a golden hope. Sunset silhouette.

There are no answers to the writing on the wall. Walk away.

Dee Lister

I am a self-taught creative photographer based in Lancashire (UK) with a background in psychology (BSc, MSc, PhD).

My work explores the minutiae and seemingly mundane happenings with nature and sometimes whilst moving through human lives.

I approach photography as a walking meditation, immersing myself in a multi-sensory experience. My work often integrates self-authored free verse written concomitantly whilst also making images.

Please see my website ‘What Dee Sees’ for more images and my mixed media projects.

You can also find me on social media as I’m very active on there and enjoy sharing images within photography communities.


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