Dee Lister

This image is from the 'We walk and we're free' ongoing mixed-media project. The images adopt a stream-of-consciousness approach with the accompanying poetic prose to explore the sensory experience of walking dogs in nature.

There is magic in the quiet of nature and here it's possible to sense the silence enveloping grasses on spring mornings, such as when this image was created. The name of this image is taken from a poem called 'Magic Lies in the Silence of Grass and Your Voice' by Cristina Teodor.

Sunset inspires reflection and for me, hope. This ICM photography image is of a silhouette of tree branches against the backdrop of a wondrous and colourful sunset in February.

The shape of a solitary cloud held the breath of sunrise in its midst, with colourful hues adorning the autumn sky.

This ICM image was captured to convey the movement of dandelions as dancing suns gracing the garden with their vibrance and joy. A site to be celebrated.

The sight of seeds backlit by the sun drew me to it, reminding me of the sacred symbol represented by bindis worn by my Hindu family.

This is ICM photography taken at dusk celebrating the blend of colour and shadow that's arguably part of the fabric of life.

What an unusual site I came across one winter's morning! Thick glidings of frozen water appeared balanced in the air. These shelves of ice were created around the edges of Rivington reservoir.

I wander the wilds of my local area very regularly for work and play and consider the oak tree in this image an old friend.

ICM photography taken at sunset on a bright winter's evening as part of a small set exploring the idea of riding the waves of life.

Spring is announced with the sacred purple-blue flora of Beltane, the Celtic festival (or sabbat) that falls on 1st May annually. A long exposure image conveys the multi-sensory experience of being in woodland with the bluebells.

Monochrome and ICM was used in this image that offers a little window into the ephemeral world of foliage as leaves on a blossom tree sing with the wind.

Dee Lister

I am a self-taught creative photographer based in Lancashire (UK) and enjoy slow photography inspired by nature. I invite audiences to sense the magic of the earth more deeply, pausing to reflect upon our humanity as intricately connected with the land and creatures that live upon and within it.

I enjoy blending media and am often drawn to write poetic prose as I walk in the wild. My background in psychology (BSc, MSc, PhD), and a particular interest in narrative approaches shapes a passion towards being creative whilst storytelling in an open multifaceted way. My photography honours landscapes and the minutiae, whilst also exploring liminal spaces within abstract work involving methods such as intentional camera movement photography.

Projects I’m currently working on includes an ongoing documentary mixed-media project that includes poetry and photography conveying the freedom expeienced whilst walking dogs in nature (titled We walk and we’re free).


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