Daniela Nowitzki

Wild plants behind the glass of a dilapidated greenhouse.

This picture is part of my series "Modern rural Landscapes"

When the toads started quacking loudly after a summer afternoon thunderstorm and the humidity was high, we felt like we were living in another climate zone.

wild vines in autumn, captured in a two layer picture

wild vines and leaves, captured in a two layer picture

cattle at the riverbank, hidden between reeds and other plants, a game of hide-and-seek.

Daniela Nowitzki

I am a female German freelance artist who first started working as a photographer in journalism. My analogue work was done mostly as b/w in a social documentary style. I also published some cover artwork for German jazz music label ECM and several publishing houses. In between years 2002 and 2017 I was on hiatus concerning professional photography, but among other things taught art and photography classes at different schools and institutions in Germany and abroad. Since 2018 I am working again as an artist and freelance photographer.

Documentary photography still has a big influence on my way of working, but I also enjoy experimental approaches.

Currently I am focused mainly on two topics: the ephemeral beauty of botanical structures and the visible changes in landscape caused by environmental developments like climate change, the consequences of industrial farming or extensive forestry.

I avoid to print my art on aluminium or plastic based surfaces and prefer natural made papers and adhesives. My photographs also are edited as little as possible.



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