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Every day during Ramadan, 3000-5000 people break their fast on the street of Deira in Old Dubai

The Heydar Aliyev Centre is the jewel in Dame Zaha Hadid's architectural crown

Samarkand, the jewel of the silk road, is slowly becoming more widely known as Uzbekistan opens itself up to the lure of global tourism

Every Friday morning in the cooler months, people from across all 7 of the United Arab Emirates gather to watch camels piloted by radio-controlled robot jockeys race each other

Evacuated overnight in April 1986, Chernobyl and its surrounding area is a monument to a life long since passed.

Every Friday at 4pm, Emiratis gather on the Fujairah seafront to watch bull fights. Unlike the fights in other parts of the world, this is a sort of bull sumo, where the beasts are pitted against one another to see which is the stronger. They are not harmed.

Out in the further reaches of the UAE, around the Liwa Oasis, the desert is slowly reclaiming its own against the encroachment of mankind

Rain is rare in Doha, Qatar. After a cloudburst, locals gather to meet, eat and drink and swap stories in the dhow harbour overlooking the city's emblematic skyline

La Serenissima needs little introduction - a perfect combination of the traditional and the modern, the touristy and the functional, it is one of the greatest places on the face of the earth.

It doesn't matter where you go in Cuba, you are never far from that iconic image if Che Guevara

A cold day in Hel - the seas off the Polish town of Hel are treacherous to say the least - beneath the waves are the wrecks of many, many ships, including those responsible for the two greatest losses of life in maritime history.

A combination of the rundown, the traditional and the up-and-coming, Margate is a unique place. With art galleries and bookshops supplementing the usual seaside fare of fish and chips and amusement arcades, the town has become something of a melting-pot

The city of Chittagong in Bangladesh is renowned for ship-breaking. In often hellish and always dangerous conditions, local men take apart the no longer needed steel giants that once plied the world's shipping lanes.

The river plains of Northern Sudan are home to the incredible pyramids of Meroe - lesser known than their famous Egyptian siblings, there is no infrastructure to cater for tourists making visiting them difficult, though entirely worthwhile.

A city that seems to constantly reinvent itself, Hamburg is shrugging off its mantle of post-industrial wasteland and rejuvenating much of the old, decrepit dockland areas.

On the far north coast of Scotland, boats are as common and as necessary as cars are anywhere else

Bangkok is famous for its night markets, which are crowded enough that sometimes it is best to escape into a nearby building to get more of an overview.

The largest container port in the UK, Felixstowe draws spectators of all ages

A bastion of unreconstructed, old-fashioned, seaside 'fun', Blackpool somehow manages to keep going. And going. And going.

With the future of easy travel between Britain and continental Europe hanging in the balance, Benidorm faces a great deal of uncertainty with numerous elderly hotels waiting to find out if they are to be redeveloped, demolished or left to rot.

Daniel Simon

I am a travel and documentary photographer, teacher and writer based in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. I have visited over 90 countries and have many more to add to the list, as soon as possible!


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