Daniel J Norwood

On the 30th July 2002, Gameli Akuklu and his best friend William Kadama, both 14 years old from Colindale and Barnet, were found unconscious at the bottom of a north London pool. Gameli Akuklu couldn't be resuscitated and died poolside. William Kadama died six days later at Northwick Park Hospital. The only lifeguard on duty that day was dealing with another child with a gash to his knee when the incident happened.

The pool and surrounding buildings were recently demolished to make way for a new housing development. The destruction erased the physical elements of the events that happened fifteen years before.

Daniel J Norwood

A former forensic photographer and trainer with the Metropolitan Police, Daniel is interested in the significance of places and memory, particularly, as is the case with this portfolio, in relation to trauma.

He is currently working on a series of images near where he lives in Hampshire looking at old agricultural features which have been forgotten and become redundant over time.

Daniel completed a Masters in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster in 2013 and has used his work and educational experience as an opportunity to teach professional and creative practices in photography.

Daniel was joint winner of the Shutterhub Photomasters Award in 2015 for his long form documentary project on the blighted landscape surrounding Heathrow Airport.

He is available for commissions and lecturing opportunities through his website.


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