Claudia Orsetti

Claudia Orsetti

I am Italian, I am 37 and I am an architect and a photographer, who lived around many places,  Montreal, Switzerland, Tokyo, London and now currently Amsterdam. Moving has become an integral part of my life and photography is a way to establish and explore my relationship with time and space.

I am interested in the things next to what is considered to be photographed, the obvious things, the imprecise moments without expectations, the reality where you think there is nothing to see. Contradictions, irony and time are usually at the center of my work, whether in the form of a documentary project or a personal one, of a moody landscape or a trivial object.

I have organized few exhibitions in London, in Shipton Street Gallery and Geddes Gallery, as well as self published two books, “For the Time Being” and the most recent one, “Ordinary Intimacy”. My photos are regularly published by digital platforms and magazine like LifeFramer, FocalZine, Booooooom, ArtWort, KorperMag, Mache Digital, Just Life Mag, etc..



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