Claire-louise Pitman


A mono print turned into a cyanotype using a dot leaf.

Scanography used to catpure the bark of this tree.

I used mono printing to create the image of my head scar ‘a coronal incision’.

Ivy leafs twisting and Turing around the black rails in the park

Claire-louise Pitman

I am an eco-conscious alternative photographer whose work explores issues to do with health, wellbeing, disability and discrimination, in a forthright and compassionate way. Through the unique practice of cameraless photography, which includes scanography, photograms, cyanotypes, chemigrams, anthotypes and chlorophyll printing, to create a sense of pronounced feeling for both the artist and audience. My work studies colour, texture, and incorporates science and art to create images that are both moving and impactful.

With all of this in mind the artist is avoiding purchasing unnecessary materials for project’s therefore she aims to use second hand resources or borrow them. Adding more waste to what we have already accumulated in this creative industry is not needed.


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