Claire-louise Pitman


A mono print turned into a cyanotype using a dot leaf.

Scanography used to catpure the bark of this tree.

The natural cycle of a woman shown using techniques such as hand embroidery, mono printing and cyanotype.

I used mono printing to create the image of my head scar ‘a coronal incision’.

Claire-louise Pitman

Claire-louise Pitman is an eco-conscious, disabled, cameraless artist. This is done by using sustainable photographic light processes such as; chlorophyll printing, cyanotype printing and scanography. Meaning no harm has been made to the environment. With this in mind the artist is avoiding purchases of new materials or equipment when working on project’s. This can be done by using items we already own. Adding more waste to what we have already accumulated in this creative industry is not needed.

Pitman sees to educate people on inclusivity as she herself is impaired. It only feels right to share the community that the artist is in. The approach through her practice is to be accessibility aware to make sure no one is left out. This is done by using audio content, tangibility and colour contrast to name a few areas.
In her concepts Claire-louise turns to personal identity as it teaches the creator but more importantly others. Being severely visually impaired there is an area of creating tactile and visual stimulation for the brain.

Through her research on visual impairment and Anosmia Claire-louise expands her knowledge but still faces accessible barriers along the way.


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