Chris O’Connell

Ungrateful heart, throw off this scowl, ungrateful heart, think of and treasure those amazing moments on earth, still to come. Less thrall to what is passed. Yes, there is the question: “What ever happened to that person of yore?” But nothing is concluded. Inertia bequeathes decomposition. Order. Disorder. Order. You know this. Make the best of the order. Step out.

All photos have been subjected to individual plant based dyes: weld, nettles, marigold, beetroot, onion skins, aubergine and more.

Chris O’Connell

I live and work in Coventry, UK. My photography in the main, is about, or of, Coventry. I try to find a way of seeing that moves past the generating of a negative or a digital file, to be able to better understand my relationship both to myself, and the larger narrative of my social, political and built environment. I pursue ideas through sequences that are rooted in a documentary approach, and attached to observations of repetition, habit, change, and degradation. Sometimes, such an approach may prove to be only a starting point, and a pathway of transformation will evolve towards a fine art realisation. I make use of text, ink, plant dye and paints to interact with my work, to deconstruct, destroy or alter, and always at the back of my mind is an anticipation of the journey that will occur between firing the shutter, and realising the final image.


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