Cathie Aalders-Taylor

An elephant is standing on a small rock surrounded by seawater. A meerkat is in the water looking at the elephant. What are they talking about?

Black herons are out for a day in the desert. Their dune buggy broke down. A couple of birds are discussing what to do while a group of them are taking selfies.

Three Eagles are tied to old tires at the Eaglefest in Mongolia, It's a hot day so they have umbrellas to protect them from the sun. A powerful fan is blowing them away. A squirrel is trying to push the fan over.

Night herons carrying suitcases are walking in the desert toward the sun.

Silhouetted black herons are dancing on top of a dune in the desert.

Night herons are watching a sand boarder.

A night heron is pushing a shopping cart carrying her babies. They want to go to MacDonalds, but there are danger signs on the way. How are they going to get to MacDonalds? There are children playing on the dune opposite. How can they be there playing?

It's a very hot day in the desert. The birds are carrying buckets to the tap on the top of the dune to collect water. One bird is so exhausted and cannot continue. He is left behind.

The Stone Tree of Bolivia has been changed to a Tree of Life. Night herons have made it their home.

Birds are on a wire stretched over the desert.

Cats are watching a sailing boat at sunset. They are sitting on a windowsill at a hotel in Jamaica.

Cats in a red boat are in the water at the top of a waterfall. Will they go over the fall?

Two cats are visiting Vermilion Lakes in Alberta Canada. The view of the lake in the fall is beautiful.

Cathie Aalders-Taylor

I am an amateur photographer with a passion for travel photography.

My love of travel and photography began at an early age.  I began using a small Brownie camera and moved to a Pentax Spotmatic that I received for my 21st birthday.  As soon as my family became more independent, I began a project involving volunteering in South America.  While there, I had many opportunities to travel and continue photographing.   Since the project ended I have travelled to other countries including India, China and Mongolia.  During my travels I prefer to use a small Sony RX vi as it is small and unobtrusive.  When not travelling, I read many photography books, and occasionally take a workshop or two when I feel I need to improve my skills.

Since the beginning of Covid 19, I have begun to create composite images using my travel photos and more unusual photos that I often take. The results look like paintings. Viewers are forced to look hard at the image to understand what they are looking out and work out the story.

My images are not meant to be beautiful, meaningful and serious in the way that fine art is normally defined.  They do not always follow rules of good photography.  In addition, they involve a lot of post-processing and can be considered by some as very over-processed, unfocussed, with clashing colours.  But that is how they are meant to be.  I create work that is not real, although it does have some real elements and tends to be on the lighthearted and humorous side.  People often laugh at the ridiculousness of the images and enjoy the stories they portray.





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