Caroline Fraser

Arborescence 2 - multiple exposure of birch trees in Abisko National Park, Sweden.

Conversation piece 2 - sunlight traces on water.

findings- limited edition hand sewn book containing images from the shore at Moeraki, New Zealand

Sunlight on water from the series Unbearable Lightness. Printed on HD metal with acrylic overlay

From the series 'Land of my Father' containing images from the highlands of Scotland. Also available as a hand sewn book containing words about my father's death.

From the series 'sea wall stories'. Abstract photography from the new sea wall at camber Sands.

Caroline Fraser

Intimate landscape photography has become my way to express the fragility and transience of the world that we live in.

A restrained, abstract style and a preference for wild landscapes has taken me to Scotland, Iceland, New Zealand’s South Island and most recently Greenland.

I have published a number of  limited edition artist books that contain my words and poems alongside my photography.

I am a member of New Road Artists at Rye Creative Centre and of Artspring Gallery, Tonbridge.


I value the sentiments of the adventurer John Muir who said;

everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul


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