Becky Probert

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Becky Probert

I work with both digital and analogue techniques, and create the colours and effects within my work through manipulation of lighting while shooting. My work centres on exploring patterns and details within the environment, and abstracting objects by taking them out of their original context, using the lens to transform them. I use my camera to find new worlds within the ordinary, to find strange dimensions within common forms, things that cannot be perceived in the same manner with just our natural senses. The content of my images exists, it has not been created, merely ‘captured’. By exploring the details of commonplace objects, the camera unlocks elements and transforms them into something that cannot be seen without the lens as intermediary. I am re-imagining the universe, and our place within it, hinting at what lies beyond our normal perceptions. The smallest details within a piece of glass can open up a doorway through which you can conceive the vastness of entire galaxies.

I completed my MA Photography at The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design in East London in 2017.


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