Andrea Beavon

A small, simple collection on the shores of a Scottish beach

A small shaft of light on the floor of a Scottish pine forest

A tiny world atop a mossy rock in the Himalayas

Ladies of Kathmandu

Captured as he set up his stall, Nepal 2019

On Cheviots between England and Scotland - how fragile the boundaries are!

Mid morning winter light Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders hills with newly formed lochan

Munro bagging in Scotland

Late afternoon sun in Scotland

Colours captured in Italy

Andrea Beavon

  • I’m self taught but obsessed with the strength and energy photography releases. Whether macro, micro, landscape or portrait the thrill of the capture is addictive!
    A late starter,  I use photography to capture life experiences, travel journaling, the beauty of the large and the small. I feel privileged to be living in Scotland, free to travel and have the resources to give voice to those who are silenced across a range of inequalities.


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