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Everything I Ever Learnt.

Visual communication is (generally) the first form of communication we encounter. Everything I Ever Learnt – everything I have seen, felt, remembered, everything, influences and informs every thought I will ever have.

That image reminds me of something. It ignites a small flame that lights my way through the filing system of my mind. It brings me eventually to the hint of a memory, and that memory guides my interpretation of the image, influences my reaction, connects my thoughts and feelings, and threads them together, binding them into a new collection, to be drawn upon the next time something familiar arises.

Seen through your eyes, I still see it differently. Perhaps I notice something you don’t. That’s part of the beauty of photography, and the importance of sharing.

Have you got a series you want to share? An individual image that resonates? This exhibition call is open to your widest interpretation. It’s your chance to show the world through your eyes, to tell the story you want to tell, to share something with strangers, and to connect.

We’re inviting you to enter up to 6 images to be displayed on beautiful and democratic newspaper print, with dozens of other creative photographers, all with stories to share.


After the success of the Shutter Hub OPEN 2018 we have again teamed up with Newspaper Club to produce the exhibition. The gallery walls will be filled with your images, taped to the walls and printed on tabloid format high quality newsprint. It’s going to look amazing! (And it also means exhibitors won’t have to print, frame or deliver their work – win, win!)


The deadline for applications is Friday 15th February 2019.

The exhibition will run from 28 March – 3 May 2019.

There will be a private view on the evening of Thursday 4th April 2019.

Venue: Art at the ARB, Cambridge University, 7 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DT

Those invited to exhibit will be informed and announced by Monday 25th February 2019





Each entrant can submit up to six images. These can be from a series or individual images.

Please read the full Specifications for Entries below.

The fee is subsidised for Shutter Hub members to take part. The conditions of entry allow exhibitors to save on print, framing and courier fees which we hope encourages wider participation in our international exhibitions.

Please keep in mind that work entered needs to be suitable for a family audience.






Members entry: 1 image £10. Up to 3 images £20. Up to 6 images £30.
Non-members: 1 image £20. Up to 3 images £40. Up to 6 images £60.

Each entrant can submit up to 6 works as 2MB JPEG digital files.

We will contact successful entrants to request larger files for print.

Join Shutter Hub for just £80 per year. See here for more details.

The deadline for entries is Friday 15th February 2019

Those invited to exhibit will be informed and announced by Monday 25th February 2019






  • All submitted files must be named with photographer’s name and title of work
  • Images can be portrait or landscape format
  • Work that is to be displayed together needs to be all the same format, i.e. all landscape, or all portrait
  • Images must be able to fit within the proportions of 562mm x 365mm
  • Submit JPEG files at up to 2MB
  • CMYK or greyscale (Black and white images should be set to print greyscale)
  • No spot colours.
  • Colour profiles – You can use any generic CMYK colour profile. We will manage colour before printing, to reduce ink coverage to an acceptable level for newsprint
  • Exact colour matching is impossible – colours will look different in your printed newspaper to how they look on screen

We will contact successful entrants to request larger files for print if they are required.

Remember, newspaper printing is an industrial process designed for speed and economy. The outcomes of this printing process will be different to the usual prints, and colours on screen, that you are used to. This is part of the beauty of working in this medium! To make sure you make the most of the process, please read this printing advice on choosing the best artwork for newsprint:

We reserve the right to not display work.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for further details.





We are able to offer your newspaper prints for sale. We will update this information shortly.





Shutter Hub reserves the right to display, reproduce and publish in any media any entry, without payment, for the purpose of the exhibition and its promotion and publicity. Copyright remains with the author and each exhibitor shall be deemed to warrant that they own the entire copyright in the work or that they have permission from the licensee and/or copyright owner/s for the uses and that all necessary model releases and clearances have been obtained. Insurance of the artist’s work is the responsibility of the artist. Shutter Hub and the venue reserve the right to refuse work that they deem to be inappropriate, offensive or explicit. Neither Shutter Hub nor the venue can be held responsible for the damage or loss of any of the work entered or exhibited.

Please make sure you read and agree with the above information before you submit your application. By submitting your application you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions and the information set out above.