Close Up

If you are a Shutter Hub member and would like to be considered for a Close Up feature please fill out this form. You can see some examples of previous Close Ups here.

Close Up
700 - 1200 words about your project
A couple of paragraphs introducing yourself and your work - your background, things you are proud of...
Please list any Shutter Hub exhibitions or projects you have been involved/exhibited in
Please include some closing words on where you would like your project to go next, where you'd like to see it, if you'd like to reach out to anyone etc. Use your article as a tool to open up other opportunities!
A web link where people can find further information
All Twitter handles that should be mentioned for you or organisations involved
All Instagram handles that should be mentioned for you or organisations involved
Any relevant hashtags you feel should be included
Please let us know your preferred pronouns so we refer to you correctly in the third person, for example 'she/her'.


Please supply up to 6 jpeg images, 2500px wide, to illustrate your submission, with caption and credit line.
File Upload

Maximum file size: 10MB

All submitted files must be named with photographer's name and title of work. Please upload a .jpg file less than 10mb in size.
Please describe your image - we will add this as Alt text so it is accessible to more people, including those who are blind or visually impaired. This should be a description of what is shown in the image for those who are unable to see it, rather than an explanation of process or context, e.g. 'Photograph of a red car parked in the middle of a field of grass, with a pigeon flying in the blue sky overhead'.
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