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CLOSE UP: Kevin Casey - Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Shutter Hub member Kevin Casey is a photographer, film maker and digital imaging artist, a qualified teacher and a published photographer. His range of work covers; commercial photography and video production, fine art exhibitions and installations, archiving gallery and museum works, educational workshops and lessons, and traditional film photography, printing and darkroom practices.

Kevin is currently working as a night watchman at the ex Pilkington Glass factory HQ in St Helens, Merseyside. During his patrols of the site he has been documenting and recovering archive materials of what remains of a once great industrial powerhouse. Here he shares his resulting photographic project Shouldn't Throw Stones, and talks about his hopes for collaborating, and exhibiting and publishing the work...



I have been photographing and filming the inner workings, remains and archives of the old Pilkingtons Glass HQ (currently Alexandra Business Park) in St Helens, Merseyside.

The site is a vast complex structure filled with historical rooms, objects and varied artefacts of bygone eras. It is also a working office space (in parts) for NHS, game designers, local businesses and charities who reside in the ‘shell’ of the listed/dated brutalist architecture and 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s to present day décor.



It is my intention to publish a book and create an installation for exhibition that relates to the historical and current impact and legacy of the Pilkington ‘empire’ and to investigate what remains there still are and how the site will fare in the future.

I have undertaken a role at the site as a night watchman. This gives me an understanding and behind the scenes viewpoint of operations, meeting staff and clients on a regular basis and also gaining access to private locations behind locked doors.

I would like to photograph and interview any ex members of staff/workers and record their stories and hopefully create a form of digital archive of people’s history with the site. It is also my intention to collaborate with other creatives, musicians, writers and artists to create a body of work which contributes to the final publication and exhibition.

If you are an ex worker or local resident who has a history or connection to Pilkingtons I would like to hear from you.

Please contact me via email, Twitter or my website.

All images © Kevin Casey



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