Urban Reflections (Light Echoes) by Ralph Whitehead, Photomonth

With Photomonth in full swing, it seems like there is so much to choose from. How about checking out this solo exhibition by Shutter Hub member Ralph Whitehead. He explains about the works on show:

The intertwining of existences that is urban dwelling litters the pond with millions of ripples, echoing and interfering chaoticly, often leaving little trace of how, for a brief moment, they may have interacted in some form of dischordant harmony. In this series of photographs I am interested in capturing some of the echoes, the ripples, the hum, the trails.

Taking a step back from the event, the happening, I am interested in its distorted reflection off the twisted and cold surfaces that make up the city.  I try and capture the traces of human life devoided of humanity, cold and stern, as is often the case in the big city, the ripples can become colossal waves to dwarf any man.

All photographs are hand printed on metallic base photographic paper and are available for sale as limited editions of 10. (23×23 inch £150  unframed, 15×15 inch £100  unframed)


The exhibition is on as part of Photomonth untill the 31st of October at Fazenda UK, 13 Leyden St, London E1 7LE . You can see more of the work of Ralph Whitehead at his Shutter Hub profile here.


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