The Portrait Salon 2015 to Feature Works by Shutter Hub Members

Every year the Portrait Salon aims to showcase the best of the rejected images from the Taylor Wessing Prize, which is organised annually by the National Portrait Gallery in London. This year the exhibition will feature (at least) three works by members of Shutter Hub. You can see the images above, which are: Lara Pulver by Amanda Thomas, Cate from La Casa series by Nadia Nervo, and Between the Lines by Samantha Edgley.

Amanda Thomas submitted her portrait of Lara Pulver, a British actor now based in LA. She explains:

This shoot with Lara Pulver came about through a contact of mine, I’d been working with this great stylist Cathy McKinnon and we were discussing ideas where fashion and portraits coincide whilst exploring a spirited and feminine narrative. Lara was an obvious choice as she was a good friend of Cathy's and had just wrapped filming nearby, we spoke to her about our plans and she was very open to it and excited about exploring and experimenting our ideas. The shoot was in a secret location in Wales and everything was shot outside, making full use of the rolling landscape and good weather. This entry for the Portrait Salon exhibition, shows Lara running through a landscape of bracken with wonderful moody light from the setting sun.

Nadia Nervo’s image is from her most recent project, La Casa, which features her old family home abandoned to decay on a remote area of the Veneto region in Italy.  She describes the background to the project:

The relatives cannot bear to sell it and there is so much history and emotions trapped in there. The house tell us the stories of the people and places that lived there in the past, through their discarded objects, decayed walls, dusty furniture they all recall moments and memories from the past. The older family members have a very close emotional attachment with it, the younger generation instead just feel scared and horrified only to enter it. The portraits are intimate, and taken during daytime, with natural lights, so it’s me and my family members only and of course the history behind.

Samantha Edgley said of her work:

The image Between the Lines features my friend and former bandmate, Helen Lloyd. I exhibited the photograph at my first exhibition, the London Photo Festival in May 2014, and it was awarded the 1st Runner Up prize. The title Between the Lines is a reference to both the architectural lines of the National Gallery which appears in the background, and the lines of writing that Helen is reading.

The print exhibition will open this week (19 November 2015) and there are other events taking place around the show. You can find details in our previous post about The Portrait Salon 2015.