Photograph looking down on a table with lunch dishes and the words 'LUNCH BREAK' in white

© Diana Serban

It feels like everything online at the moment is about pushing us to earn more, to learn more, to up our game or to become more competitive. There’s enough of that – let’s just exist together, have a chat and see each other’s faces!

This is an informal opportunity to connect and see what we can do together, how we can support each other and share the good things.

Each month we’ll offer different photography related themes to discuss and share feedback on.

This month we will be talking about PORTFOLIO REVIEWS- shared experiences, recommendations, events, how to prepare, what to expect and anything else that you might like to add.

Join the conversation by registering at the link below. Bring your sandwiches and settle down for lunch break with us. No pressure, no dress code, no need to share your favourite crisps!

JOIN THE LUNCH BREAK: 1 – 2 pm GMT, Friday 19 March 2021


This is an event for Shutter Hub members. Fill out the form on the link above and we’ll email you the link and some more information so you can join us for lunch.



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