Photograph of a salt beef and gherkin beigel on a brown paper bag, resting on distressed floorboards, with the words LUNCH BREAK in black over the top

We’ve been enjoying the Lunch Breaks so much, we’ve decided to make them a regular event. Nothing serious, this is an informal opportunity to connect and see what we can do together, how we can support each other and share the good things. It’s a great way to discuss ideas, inspire new initiatives and get access to some exclusive Lunch Break opportunities, too!

In February we’ll be talking about photo books – any recommendations for great photo books, tips on creating a photo book, useful resources or experiences with publishers. Shutter Hub member Wendy Aldiss, who recently had a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for her book ‘My Father’s Things’, will also be sharing her experience with us. If you’d like to join the conversation please register using the link below.

Bring your sandwiches and settle down for lunch break with us. No pressure, no dress code, no need to share your favourite crisps!


JOIN THE LUNCH BREAK: 1 – 2 pm GMT, Friday 26 February 2021

This is an event for Shutter Hub members. Fill out the form on the link above and we’ll email you the link and some more information so you can join us for lunch.



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