Shutter Hub OPEN Exhibition - Vote Below for Your ‘Best in Show’

If you don’t get a chance to visit the Shutter Hub OPEN Exhibition and would like to vote for your ‘Best in Show’ then please do it here! You need to be a Full or Basic Shutter Hub 

Have a look at the images, and then leave a comment – tell us what you think of the exhibition, and most importantly… which is your Best in Show?

The exhibition runs from 13th June – 12th July 2014. 

Voting closes at 4pm on 12th July 2014. Votes will be counted by independent persons. Votes from the Museum and online will be combined and the winner will be announced within one month of the closing date.

Joy Maria Spadafora

Justin Carey

General Waste Justin Carey

Darth Bot Natasha Heidler

Evening Sky Gali Timen

Grange Cemetery

© John Kiely

© John Kiely

© John Kiely