Shutter Hub Member Swee Hoe Lim Wins 1st Place Award in Fine Art Photography Awards

We're thrilled to see that Shutter Hub member Swee Hoe Lim has been awarded 1st place in the Fine Art Photography Awards, in the Open Theme category. The award was received for his Sigh of the Sea series, of which one of the photographs (Sigh Of The Sea #03, image above) is currently on display at the Bridewell Theatre in London as part of our very own Shutter Hub OPEN 2015 exhibition.

Swee Hoe Lim's work has featured in the Shutter Hub OPEN exhibitions in 2014 and 2015, and the Sigh of the Sea series was the subject of one of our Close Up features (where Swee Hoe Lim explains some of the background to the series and in particular it's environmental message) which you can read in full here. The series was produced as part of the Exposure+ Photo mentoring Programme, and Swee Hoe Lim gives credit to his teacher Adam Tan Yahua for his guidance. We'd like to congratulate Swee Hoe Lim and we're sure we'll see more of his work in future.

You can still see the Shutter Hub OPEN 2015 until 13 September and vote for your choice of 'Best in Show'. You can find full voting details and exhibition information here.

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