Pieces of You at Open Eye Gallery

The four horsemen of the apocalypse. Underwater sculptures on the river Thames - picture taken at the lowest tide

Shutter Hub member Phoebe Kiely is one of the artists selected to take part in Pieces of You which is part of Open Eye Gallery’s OPEN series. The Liverpool show will present six new and early career artists predominantly from the North, providing a platform for displaying new work and a forum for discussion, with events over the course of the exhibition.

Having graduated from Manchester School of Art in June 2015, Phoebe Kiely is one of the youngest artists to show work at Open Eye Gallery.  Her work stems from a diaristic method of working, and takes the form of black and white analogue photographs. The curator of the exhibition, Thomas Dukes has created a darkroom in which she will be printing a stream of work, some of which will be featured at different times throughout the show.

Open Eye Gallery say:

In Pieces of You, each of the six artists share a curiosity in exploring how we gather and make meaning of our experiences. When we choose to photograph a moment, perhaps we imagine looking at it again in the future, showing it to a friend, or sharing it online – but we make it part of our story. From a dog-walk to a christening, moments in a coffee shop or reflecting on our past, how do we use images to make sense of ourselves and express ourselves? What do your photos say about you?

With the support of the Brian Mercer Charitable Trust, we are proud to present a series of three annual Open exhibitions to show work received through our on-going call for Exhibition Submissions. Established at the gallery in 2013, the submission process enables practitioners at all stages of their career, who use photography as their medium, to share their latest ideas and projects with us.

Photography offers a way to tell a story, to fix a moment for review, from one perspective or one time – but how ‘true’ is that picture of a sculpture, a friends face at sunset, your best selfie?

Peter Watkins’ The Unforgetting examines the artists German family history through objects, places, photographs, and narrative structures circulated within his family. Phoebe Kiely’s They Were My Landscape presents scenes from her life, collected as an act of curiosity and compulsion. Photographer Stephen Iles and sculptor Nicola Dale collaborate to explore the possibilities of photography to communicate an understanding of a subject. Sam Hutchinson’s project I Used To Think You Were Normal reflects on the simulated worlds of game shows and the motivations of their contestants. Designer and artist Thom Isom presents a new way of experiencing the exhibition through a limited edition publication.

The exhibition offers new ways of experiencing and thinking about photography – making structures within the gallery to enter the artist’s narrative space, toying with standard ideas of display.  We will be constructing a working black and white darkroom inside the gallery to elevate the process of capturing and sharing photography to somewhere between residency and exhibition, and working with a sculptor / photographer collaboration to explore the boundaries of the knowledge available in the photographic image.


You can still see the exhibition until Sunday 5 June at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, and you can find out more  here. You can see more work by Phoebe Kiely at her website here.



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