Nick Mansell

Beautiful,Autumn morning on lake Conistion ,Lake District,lucky to have mist,stillness,and solitude

Sea defense strategies on the Norfolk coast captured at dust with a long exposure.

Just a small part of the London Architecture.

Old Bulldozers used for hauling boats up the shingle beach,as dawn breaks their powerful silhouettes are captured

Capturing a perfect bloom in stunning light

Old stone windmill in Warwickshire ,with very moody sky

Large rocks out to sea

Vivid rainbow opposite a lighthouse

Old bulldozer on the beach used for hauling boats from the sea,captured at dawn

Tulips lit up by the early morning Sun

London Architecture

Sea defenses ,Norfolk England

Plant portrait of Daucus carota,wild carrot, focus stacked and converted to black and white

Nick Mansell

I am influenced by everything I see, but not tainted by what others do.

My images are created because I like them, because of the light, because of the subject matter,  or because of their beauty.

Maybe that’s how I felt on any given day and maybe it will never be repeated again.

Light, timing, weather and self expression all come together to create unique images.

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