A straight shot, as the skies went pink and reflected in the flooding tide, for perhaps just five minutes, before returning to normal sunset colours thereafter. The longish 2 second exposure has enabled us to see the ripples of sand just below the water, creating a rhythm of undulations in the water itself.

The expanse of Llanddwyn beach and the peak of Holyhead Mountain can be seen in the background


Clouds built over the horizon but in the last of the sun they looked beautifully dramatic, textural and crisp. In fact there was so much texture in front of me that it was hard to find the minimalist simplicity I’ve been drawn to recently. For maybe ten minutes the world turned pink, the hue washed over the sky and infused in the gentle waves, even the wet sand threw it back skyward. I stood in the sea, in my walking boots, wave after wave lapping at my shins but amazingly my feet stayed as warm as the sunset colours. I studied the waves smoothing and cleansing the beach before me, back to perfection.

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