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Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin state - Myanmar's most northern region, has been an important trading town between Burma, China and India for centuries.The Kachin people have long struggled for independence. They suffer the war between the Ka

In response to the ever worsening drugs problem in Kachin, 'Pat Jasan' – a coalition of local Baptist, Catholic and other Protestant churches declared 'D-Day' – April 25th, 2014. This signified the launch of a communit

The perimeter wall at the New Life In Christ Centre – one of Pat Jasan's rehab centres. When arrested by Pat Jasan, their 'clients' are given the choice of either being handed to the police or attending one of these centres for u

Despite the seemingly bright community based effort to help drug users, Pat Jasan's methods have been criticised as harsh with regular crimes against human rights being committed. The group have no legal authority yet violently arrest and detain

One of Pat Jasan's 'operations team' who are all volunteers from the local area committed to the cause of fighting drugs. Their responsibilities include investigating and arresting drug users and dealers, guarding the rehab centres and

A Pat Jasan client whose leg has been put into stocks to prevent him escaping, has been on Heroin for nine years. He is now spending two weeks inside the cell has he comes off drugs without any medical care provided.

Supposedly one person per household in Kachin state is using these drugs.

An Israeli soldier on patrol in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Hamas Al-Qassam fighters walk through the streets of Gaza city.

Safiyya Hadhud, 50, from the village of Al-Malalha is struggling to feed her family of eight due to unemployment and local environmental damage caused by conflict.. “The children have just come home from school and they must be starving; only G

Boat ride in Cambodia.

Market in Myanmar.

NGO – MAG (Mines Advisory Group) partake in landmine and cluster munition clearance activities in Lebanon's ordnance infested south.

Basanti Dasi, 70, sits in her quarters at the Radha Kunj ashram. She is one of thousands of widows spending the remains on the their lives in the North Indian town of Vrindavan.

The north Indian town of Vrindavan has an ancient history and is a sacred place for many prominent religions such as Hinduism and the Hare Krishna movement. The town is also home to thousands of widows, who traditionally spend their remaining years l

An English flag hangs off a home in an residential Oldham street. Many of the districts of Oldham are regarded to many as White-English or Asian only areas. This is due to segregation caused by decades of miss-management by the local authorities who

Najma Khalid, a life long resident of Glodwick sits with her daughter Malaika whilst playing at a bowling centre. Najma is a single-mother who has battled unemployment during her parenthood where she figured out the related government welfare availab

“Kill All Paky” sprayed on an Oldham wall then scrubbed away. In 2001 Oldham suffered its infamous race riots between the 'Whites' and 'Asians' as tensions boiled over into days of violent clashes. 'Paki' is

Malaika, a local Oldham resident and the daughter of Najma Khalid.

A 'non-political' march through the Westwood district celebrating the birth of the Prophet Mohammed where local Asian residents were instructed not to engage with anyone who was not part of the procession.

The Jamie Masjid Mosque in Oldham.

Keith Head is a lifelong Oldham Athletic fan who is currently on 'the sick' where he receives government benefit payments and social housing due to a long term illness. In his past he married an Asian women despite how taboo and rare this w

Keith with his ex-wife Rookie share a laugh whilst doing up the house they used to live in together.

Old style ‘Milk Bar’ in Warsaw. These establishments very popular during communist times as they provided very cheap and filling food.

A Zamosc nightclub over Easter Weekend. Many of the party goers had returned to see their families and friends from abroad.

david shaw

David Shaw is a documentary photographer and journalist from the UK who works on a range of investigative stories, assignments and personal projects across many story telling mediums. His work has taken him across the globe throughout Europe, The Middle East and Asia but he also works on long-term projects in the UK. Through photography, documentary film and writing, Shaw aims to provide a space for people and places to tell their stories with the goal of connecting people across cultures on a personal level. A passion for human-rights and social justice motivates Shaw to create media that is compelling and close to the subject. He continues to complete assignments for various clients whilst investigating important stories across the world. 


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