Amanda Denny

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Amanda Denny

I am a London based photographer working with both analogue and digital image making processes and am currently studying a part-time BA in Photography at the University of Westminster extending both my practice and my understanding of the expanding medium of photography. My work focuses on the real estate of mental space and considers issues of loneliness, memory, social stigmas and how expectations affect our ability to be ourselves in society.  By creating narratives spaces through the use of images, literature and archive material I try to find  ways to connect to the social environment and respond to everyday life.

I am currently working on a project with the tentative title, “Bitter Revenge”.  It has two narrative threads set 100 years apart and based on heartache, obsession, letters, misunderstandings and social stigmas.  I am drawn to chance happenings and how a story or an image can land on the shelf of my life, and by its contingency with others afford new narrative stories to unfold.

My book No Place Like Home 2018 has been shortlisted for the La Fabrica and Photo London Dummy Book Award 2019



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