Paul Reas – “Day Dreaming About The Good Times?”


Paul Reas is one of the most significant photographers to emerge from the new wave of British colour documentary of the mid-1980s. Spanning thirty years from Thatcherite Britain to today’s recession, and encompassing themes of class, consumption, work and leisure, this is Reas’ first major retrospective.

Paul Reas is part of the pioneering generation of photographers who revealed and critiqued British class and culture in the 1980s and 90s. Strongly influenced by his working class upbringing in Bradford, Reas uses humour and sharp observation to comment on a new corporate and commercial world epitomised by heritage industry sites, retail parks, and supermarkets.

This touring exhibition by Impressions Gallery will run between 22 March and 10 May 2014 in partnership with Ffotogallery, curated by Anne McNeill. Further information can be found here.