Talk: Annual Photographers Lecture with Garry Fabian Miller – SSHoP


The 2019 Annual SSHoP Photographers lecture will be at 6pm on Friday the 15th of November in Edinburgh, given by Garry Fabian Miller.

Scotland has such an important place in the sudden emergence of photography. I have strong memories of my first encounter with the work of Hill and Adamson, Anne Atkins in the Royal Botanic Garden collections and more recently, spending time in an Edinburgh private collection with Fox Talbot’s Sun Pictures in Scotland. It would be interesting to develop a Scottish project which was rooted in the darkroom and a life spent in this alchemical space. I sense the future of photography may still lie somewhere at the very beginning of its history. The first images were gathered so swiftly on the paper surface and then, almost before their meaning was understood, the camera arrived, and the evolution of photography followed a very specific trajectory. I am interested in reconsidering that moment and in imagining an alternative evolution.

Garry Fabian Miller, Studies in Photography, 2018 Summer Edition (I).

Date And Time: November 15, 2019, 18:00 – 19:30 GMT.

Location: Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Galleries of Scotland .

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