Leica Akademie Studio Fashion Portraits with Arteh Odjidja at Harrison Cameras

Workshop Dates: Thursday 13th September 2018

Time: 10.30-17:00

Price: £85

Join commercial photographer Arteh Odjidja for an inspiring studio workshop, where you will learn how to use studio lighting and work with a professional model, for the ultimate fashion portrait workshop at Portland Works Studio.

This practical exercise will help you to consider the choices made when capturing a fashion portrait in terms of composition, depth of field, lighting, interaction with the subject, body language and expression, and finally how all these elements impact the final image.

Whether this is your first time in the studio or if you want to learn some tips and techniques from a professional fashion photographer, everyone is welcome to come and improve on their photography practice.

Aims of Workshop


-Will gain useful tips on how to setup their camera with studio lighting for a professional portrait shoot. (Camera basics).

-Will gain useful tips and experience in directing a subject.

-Will learn about Leica cameras and the history of the brand.

-Will gain understanding of how to tell a visual story about their subject and be more intentional in their image making.

Refreshments included / Lunch not included


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