Course: Self Publishing Toolkit

Tutor: Thomas Whittle

Learn to develop, produce and share your own artwork in book form.

This DIY course will provide resources for you start making artist books focussing on making, editing and experimenting. Each week will explore a different area of DIY publication making, providing you with the method and resources to keep your project developing. This course will respond to individual needs and interests, enabling you to get the most from the tutor and Stills. The end goal isn’t necessarily a finished published book but instead a Tool Kit providing you with a plethora of ways in which to continue your book making practice.

This course will include:  Developing your project, editing your content, learning different approaches to book making, learning different ways of presentation, learning about self-publishing history and current communities and producing book maquettes. The aim of each session is to focus on a different aspect of artist book making. Each week there will be homework for the next session.

Week 1 Introduction, discussion, viewing samples, art context.

An introduction into artist book making and it’s place in a wider art context. We will look at examples from the Stills library and the tutors personal collection. There will be a short artist talk from the tutor and an opportunity to show the group your own works. There will be a making exercise to get us going.

Week 2 Editing, building and developing content

Focussing on what goes in artist books and how they differ from other books on art. We will play a few games that other artists have set out as ways to interrupt, break, inspire, frustrate, encourage and divert. There will also be one to one time with the tutor to talk about content, personal work and ways of going forward.

Week 3 Binding, making, printing, doing

This week will focus on different ways of physically realising your book; explore different paper stocks and ways of binding. There will be some quick practical exercises to get you going as well as longer methods of binding. We will spend some time discussing printing techniques and how to get the best results with limited resources. We will also look at differences between artist books and mass printed books in the way they are produced.

Week 4 Final maquettes, what to do next

This longer last session will enable you to finalise a maquette book from which you can develop your book making project. We will bind a final copy(s) bringing together the skills learnt in the pervious weeks. We will also spend some time discussing what to do next. How will you build on the Tool Kit this course has provided you? We will look at online resources, online communities as well as real world communities and ways to approach publishers, curators and artists.

*Please note: This course will run over 3 Tuesday evenings 25 Feb – 10 March, 18:00-21:00 – with a final all-day session on Saturday 21 March 11:00-17:00.*

Cost: Waged £175.00/Concession £155.00

Location: Stills Gallery, 23 Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1BP.

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