Course: Darkroom Photography – Introduction to Colour Photography (Postponed – Covid 19)


(Course postponed – Covid 19)

Tutor: Caroline Douglas

This course will introduce you to the beautiful world of colour analogue photography. Taking as a starting point the work of contemporary photographic artists working with colour, we will discuss and explore theory as well as developing core skills essential for the capture and printing of your own colour images.

You will learn how to correctly expose colour negative film and learn more about the characteristics of different types of film and the effects that they can have on an image. Within Stills’ darkrooms you will learn how to process your colour film by hand and print high quality analogue C-Type prints.

Day 1
Morning: Colour Theory, Inspiration and Refresher for SLR Camera Controls
During the morning we will be looking at contemporary photographers and artists that have used colour to inform their practice in specific ways. We will look at the ways in which colour revolutionized the artworld and vernacular photography. We will also look at basic colour theory, exploring which colours compliment each other and why. We will also refresh basic camera controls, load cameras and head out to the streets to shoot a roll of film.

Afternoon: Colour Film Processing
During this session, you will learn how to hand process your colour film. We will discuss the loading of the tank and the preparation of the machine to ensure correct processing temperature. We will look at different film types, why you may want to use them and the range of effects that can be produced.

Day 2
Morning: Introducing the Colour Darkroom and Contact Sheets
You will be introduced to Stills colour darkooms and become familiarised with the range of equipment you will be using. You will be taught how to set up your darkroom for printing, how the colour print processor works and how to print a contact sheet for viewing your negatives.

Cost: £165.00

Date And Time: 04 & 05 Apr 2020, Saturday & Sunday, 11am—5pm

Location: Stills, 23 Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1BP.

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