Commission: Urban by Nature

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

― William Morris (Walthamstow Resident 1834-1896)

The Useful & Beautiful Project will engage local residents in creative work around the theme of their home and being at home both during lockdown and the transition out.

The Useful & Beautiful Project is part of the Urban by Nature. A programme of work in Walthamstow,  East London, which aims to effect civic change through community engagement in arts and cultural activities.  We are a group of local people with a wide range of professional and local knowledge and contacts, and we are committed to working with fellow residents, their families and friends to harness the social and civic power of the arts and culture.

Urban by Nature is seeking proposals from artist/s who share our values and who have a personal and/or family connection to Walthamstow and/or the borough of Waltham Forest.  We are looking for an artist or artist collective who has experience of, and is driven by, inclusive and accessible projects which create spaces for people who engage, and do not typically engage, in arts projects.

Urban by Nature will learn from the artist’s work with local people, and from local people themselves in this project in order to be informed by, and continue to plan, the Urban by Nature arts and culture programme.  We do believe in the power of the arts and culture to change lives for the better and, that this can and, should, lead to positive civic change.  We see the artist’s role as central to effective civic change.

Deadline: 26th June 2020

Read more and apply.

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