London Analogue Festival 2014


This year London Analogue Festival will present the work of 120 artists from 25 different countries at their new venue, the Barge House by London's South Bank. International artists and producers will contribute moving images, photographs and sound art to the event. There will also be a wide range of workshops , discussions, and networking opportunities. The organisers say:

In an age of plastic and quick fixes, the London Analogue Festival is part of the growing crowd who still love the pace of analogue, who are making art and culture the analogue way. We believe that analogue enables people to feel whilst doing, to experiment, to touch; to be an integral part of the process of creating.

The Festival will be a free not-for-profit event, and is run by volunteers, and for this reason the organisers are running a fundraising campaign on the indiegogo website. You can make a contribution towards the event and claim a 'perk' in return (a variety of rewards including a cool London Analogue Festival T-Shirt!).

You can find out more at the website here, and make your donation here.