Geoje International Photo Festival, South Korea


Shutter Hub member Julie Harding has recently had some of her photographs selected as part of the Geoje International Photo Festival, South Korea. Her images capture some of the detail and life of the local temples, as she explains:

One of the things I like to identify in my photography is the sense of a place, and over the past few years, encouraged by my studies, I have been exploring many of the Buddhist temples that pepper this fascinating country.  This has become a real labour of love and it took much time and patients to go through the hundreds of images I had stored on my hard drive.  Eventually, I managed to identify my favourites, images that embrace the calm and serenity found in these places of worship and images that can be grouped under the general title Exploring a Sense of Place.

The exhibition will continue until 11 December 2015. You can find out more at Julie Harding’s blog here. You can see more of the work of Julie Harding at her Shutter Hub profile here.



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