FORMAT International Portfolio Review Awards Shutter Hub Award

Shutter Hub was proud to be a supporter of this year's FORMAT International Portfolio Review Awards which took place recently.

The winner of the Shutter Hub award was Roger Coulam, and we are delighted to congratulate Roger on his excellent winning series, A Grain of Sand (the above image is an example from that series, entitled Plankton). He was personally chosen and announced as the winner by Brian Griffin, who is one of the patrons of the FORMAT Festival. The Portfolio Reviews were followed by a special Awards Ceremony and Portfolio Walk, and a set by 'photo comedian' Al Pitcher.

Here is a full list of the winners:

Justin Newhall – Genesis Imaging Award

KayLynn Deveney – GUP Magazine Award

Ross Paxton – Photoworks Award

Paul Freeman – John E Wright Award

Freya Najade – MOO Award

Yan Preston – Clifton Cameras Award

Jochen Klein – Viewbook Award

Marjolaine Ryley – PixelPin Award

Roger Coulam – Shutter Hub Award

Mark Duffy – Portfolio Review Development Award (additional review with Louise Clements)

FORMAT Reviewers Choice Award – Yan Preston.

You can find out more about FORMAT Festival here. For further information about Roger Coulam and his work, visit his website.