Graphic with a photograph of a slice of white crunchy bread on a white plate, with 'LUNCH BREAK' in white text in the centre

Let’s have a chat and see each other’s faces!

During our Lunch Break we’ll be discussing YEARBOOK 2022, the benefits of entering calls for entries and more! Do you have any questions or do you need support from the community?  Join the conversation by registering at the link below. This is an informal opportunity to connect, support each other and share the good things. Bring your cup of tea and sandwiches and settle down for a lunch break with us. No pressure, no dress code.


JOIN THE LUNCH BREAK: 1 – 2 pm UK time, Friday 27 May 2022

This is an event for Shutter Hub members. Fill out the form on the link above, and we’ll email you the ZOOM link.



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