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The second online exhibition in our Curate for the Community series, DREAMS & VISIONS explores ethereal and abstract imagery in an escape from reality through the imagining of otherworldly visions.

There are moments when the camera lens becomes a conduit for translating the intangible into the visual. Through the eyes of a photographer, ethereal landscapes and abstract concepts take on concrete form, capturing the elusive qualities of dreams and visions. The interplay of fundamental elements like light and shadow allows for images that transcend the boundaries of reality, offering glimpses into the subconscious and the fantastical.

DREAMS & VISIONS is a call for entries of surreal scenes, distorted perspectives, and manipulated subjects to serve as the language through which photographers articulate the ethereal nature of dreams, inviting viewers to embark on a journey through the realms of imagination.

Whether through long-exposure techniques, multiple exposures, film, toy cameras, or digital manipulation, we invite photographers to stretch the boundaries of the visual experience and storytelling, where dreams and visions weave narratives that transcend the limitations of words.

Some image entries will be showcased on Instagram throughout the open call and afterwards, with all selected entries featured in the group exhibition on the Shutter Hub website.


Curating for the Community

DREAMS & VISIONS will be curated by Polly Gaillard, a fine art photographer and the Program Director for Photolucida’s Critical Mass.

Polly is based in Greenville, SC and  has spent the majority of her working life in the arts, specifically photography. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Polly taught college photography courses for 12 years, including summers abroad, teaching for American Universities in Prague and Italy. As a fine art photographer, she’s participated in national portfolio reviews, published an artist book, and has exhibited her work nationally in group and solo shows. Polly has juried exhibitions and has written extensively about photography and photographers – she understands being behind the camera, the long slog of a personal project, and the feeling of vulnerability that may come from putting your work out there in a crowded world. In 2023, Polly became Photolucida’s Program Director, heading up its legendary Critical Mass international photography competition.

Polly will be producing this exhibition as part of our Curate for the Community project, a series of online exhibitions, curated by Shutter Hub members and guest curators for the wider photographic community.


We’re making this opportunity affordable for all photographers, there are no set entry fees for DREAMS & VISIONS, we’re asking you to ‘pay what you can’. Please help support the work we do by sharing this opportunity with other photographers. We receive no external grants or funding, but we’re determined to do what we can to keep photography open to all.

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Deadline for entries: 09 May 2024 (5pm UK time)



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