Book Review: Wait and See, F&D Cartier (Ffotogallery)


F&D Cartier/Ffotogallery

F&D Cartier/Ffotogallery

F&D Cartier/Ffotogallery

F&D Cartier/Ffotogallery

I wasn't able to get to F&D Cartier's exhibition, Wait and See, at the Museum of St Albans earlier this year. I was really disappointed, it looked so beautiful and intriguing and I really wanted to know more. I was delighted to find that a publication had been produced by Ffotogallery when the exhibition showed with them last summer. The book is a wonderful collection, a retrospective of  two bodies of work, Wait and See and Veni Etiam, which exemplifies their minimalist tendencies. 

“The relationships between photography and time are manifold: time can be directly represented within the image, it can be its theme and philosophical horizon, and it can also represent the historical and conceptual framework in which photographic practices develop and change through time. All of these elements converge in the art of F&D Cartier, two Swiss artists living and working in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Since 1995, Françoise and Daniel Cartier have merged their respective practices, plastic arts and photography, and created a unified artistic identity in order to discover new approaches.”

The passing of time is a recurrent and underlying theme in the work shown here. Not only is the book full of images of fantastic vintage packaging, but also the most delicate images of exposed photographic paper (some over 100 years old) creating a timely but timeless collection. Photography is a time-based medium, but this is something different. I wonder about the boxes of unopened paper, laying in wait for dozens of years, untouched, unopened, and then finally used, but not in a conventional way. It's just beautiful. The stories that could be told, or created. It's almost magic. 


Wait and See, F&D Cartier is published by Ffotogallery


ISBN 9781872771939

Hardback 84 pages

56 colour illustrations

250mm x 200mm

Thank you to the team at Ffotogallery for kindly sending us a press copy of Wait and See