BOOK REVIEW: Columbia Road by Johanna Neurath (Hoxton Mini Press)

Columbia Road by Johanna Neurath is published by Hoxton Mini Press.

My Instagram feed is full of pictures of Columbia Road flower market – bright colours, fresh petals, Bloggers skipping along with the breeze in their hair, but none like these.  

Looking down, at the end of the day, there’s another picture to be seen.  

An abstraction of the day.  

Every Sunday Columbia Road Hackney is home to London’s biggest dedicated flower market.  

This book, book number 7 in a collection of photographic beauties from Hoxton Mini Press, is the collation of over a decades worth of documentary by publisher and photographer Johanna Neurath.  

Almost every week, come rain or shine, Neurath has wandered down Columbia Road looking to the gutters.  

It’s an interesting view, my kind of view. A look at the periphery and imperfections, abandoned petals and polythene wrappings.  

Puddles full of discarded petals and polystyrene cups.  

Unplanned abstract artworks, discovered through the remnants of hustle and bustle.  

This little book, to me, is beautiful. Beautifully produced, dull paper pages with punchy colours, and beautifully designed.  Little touches like the embossed gold Hoxton Mini Press fox logo on the front cover show an attention to detail and pride in production.  

Although this book totally works as a stand alone item, I can’t help but wish to own the whole set, the neat little collection, and perhaps the Hoxton Mini Press tote bag too!

Columbia Road by Johanna Neurath is published by Hoxton Mini Press. You can buy the book here.