BOOK NOW: The Second Morton Photography Symposium – 29 October 2020

© National Trust for Scotland

POSTPONED: The Second Morton Photography Symposium will no longer take place on 02 April 2020 and has been postponed to 29 October 2020 along with our exhibition.


We’ve teamed up with National Trust for Scotland, Glasgow Women’s Library, and the Trust’s Tenement House to create a two-part exhibition, Ways of Seeing, spotlighting Women and Photography in Scotland, in response to the National Trust for Scotland’s Second Morton Photography Symposium. 

Through Ways of Seeing, Shutter Hub aims to bring together the work of women photographers in, and from, Scotland, and asks them ‘What are you looking at now?’

Ben Reiss, Morton Photography Curator, National Trust for Scotland, explains what will be happening on the day of the symposium and how you can book a free ticket for the event…


© National Trust for Scotland, Canna House

The symposium and exhibition have been inspired by the Trust’s major photographic collections, which feature many women as takers, collectors, preservers or subjects of photography. Prominent examples include the c6,000 images taken by folklorist Margaret Fay Shaw, the family albums compiled by Violet May Brodie (née Hope) and the hundreds of photographs collected and kept by Glaswegian Miss Agnes Toward, all of which frequently depict women. The images of these women breathe life into our places and can help institutions like the Trust improve at putting women of all backgrounds at the centre of the stories we tell about our history.

Our speakers will discuss a range of these stories throughout the day. Speakers from the National Trust for Scotland, National Trust and Victoria and Albert Museum will start by challenging traditional narratives in photography collections at these major national institutions. The second panel will look at how projects and community groups working with photography can reveal women’s stories both past and present. Our Shutter Speed Session will cover 100 years of women and photography, including photographer Franki Raffles and representations of women in the George Washington Wilson collection. We’ll finish with a look at how Scottish women have been represented with the camera, from the earliest photography to the mid-20th century.

Tickets to the symposium are free, but booking is required to confirm your place. Find the full programme here.

After the symposium, there will be an opportunity to attend a reception at the Ways of Seeing exhibition at Glasgow Women’s Library, which is being curated by Shutter Hub. It aims to bring together the work of women photographers in and from Scotland, and asks them ‘What are you looking at now?’

Come to Glasgow Women’s Library on Thursday 20 October 2020 to attend the Second Morton Photography Symposium on ‘Ways of Seeing’: Women and Photography in Scotland and visit the related photography exhibition.

Book your place at the evening reception here!


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