BOOK NOW: Shutter Hub Surgeries with Special Guests Marc Schlossman & Matt Wreford (MPrint)

© Georgie Clarke

© Georgie Clarke / MPrint

Have you got a photography related question that needs answering? Or are you just looking for a bit of support and encouragement? Welcome to the Shutter Hub Surgery. Each month Shutter Hub members can book a 20 minute time slot and ask an expert for advice, run ideas past us, or just check in for a chat. We’re using Skype so that you can be anywhere in the world and still be able to connect. You might want to use this once in a while, or every month, it’s up to you and all included in your membership fee.


Check out the details below about the surgery guests, and choose what suits you best. You can book your time slot on your members’ dashboard. If you’re not a member but want to try the surgery out, you can book a one-off session for £40 (get in touch for more info) or take out annual Shutter Hub membership for just £80 and access surgeries for free!


We’re very pleased to welcome two special guests to the Shutter Hub Surgery. On Wednesday 13th November you can book a Skype appointment with Marc Schlossman & Matt Wreford from MPRint, the portfolio specialists.

MPrint was formed 6 years ago by professional photographers Matt Wreford and Marc Schlossman who found their niche printing portfolios and specialising in double sided printing. As a small outfit, it is their hands on, highly personal approach alongside their attention to detail and quality which has led to their continued growth and success. Marc’s background in darkroom printing and Matt’s complementary career as a retoucher informs their approach and comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to achieve great prints.


Here is your chance to ask Marc and Matt at MPrint all those questions you have about getting great prints and top-notch portfolios! Any part of the process, from the moment you pick up your camera to the ink hitting the page and your print appearing, is up for discussion – no question too simple, and hopefully none too complicated!


Upcoming dates for surgeries: 

13 November 2019 – Marc Schlossman & Matt Wreford, MPRint Portfolio Specialists
19 December 2019 – Karen Harvey, Shutter Hub Creative Director
06 January 2020 – Jayne Lloyd, Shutter Hub Project Manager
10 February 2020 – Karen Harvey, Shutter Hub Creative Director





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