BOOK NOW: Shutter Hub Surgeries with Sarah Belfort (Newspaper Club) January 2021

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Have you got a photography related question that needs answering? Or are you just looking for a bit of support and encouragement? Welcome to the Shutter Hub Surgery. Each month Shutter Hub members can book a 20 minute time slot and ask an expert for advice, run ideas past us, or just check in for a video chat. You can be anywhere in the world and still be able to connect. You might want to use this once in a while, or every month, it’s up to you and all included in your membership fee.


Check out the details below about the surgery guests, and choose what suits you best. You can book your time slot on your members’ dashboard. If you’re not a member but want to try the surgery out, you can book a one-off session for just £40. Get in touch for more info.


We’re excited to welcome Newspaper Club to the Shutter Hub Surgery. On Wednesday 27 January 2021 you can book a video call appointment with Sarah Belfort, Brand and Community Manager at Newspaper Club.

Sarah’s been with Newspaper Club for over 6 years and has worked with us on all of the Shutter Hub newsprint exhibitions. As a community manager, she frequently talks to photographers about how they’re using their newspapers to share work and find new clients — some of these conversations have been featured on the Newspaper Club blog (and you can find them here!)


You can ask her questions about how Newspaper Club works, how to set up your file and the different options for formats and paper stocks. If you have more technical questions, Sarah is happy to pass these along to the press team at Newspaper Club and get back to you after the surgery.


Upcoming dates for surgeries: 

27 January 2021 – Sarah Belfort, Brand and Community Manager, Newspaper Club



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