BOOK NOW: Shutter Hub Surgeries with Beth Kane (Exposure Photography Festival) September 2020

Beth Kane giving an exhibition tour of the Exposure Photography Festival Emerging Photographers Showcase © Jeff Yee

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We’re very pleased to welcome a special guest to the Shutter Hub Surgery. On Thursday 03 September 2020 you can book a video call appointment with Beth Kane, Coordinator of Exposure Photography Festival Canada.


Previously the Coordinator of FORMAT International Photography Festival, Beth coordinated the UK’s largest Photo Festival. Beth is also an independent curator and the founder of Lost Generation Projects; an exhibition and publication project that photographically explores contemporary youth culture and political animosity of millennials. Beth has self-published photo books including Hidden Hunger, An Archive of My Father’s Youth: 80’s and 90’s Football Culture and the Lost Generation series, whilst extensively researching contemporary photo-zine publishing – ‘The Female Photo-Zine Publishers Shaking Up the DIY Scene‘.

Exposure Festival celebrates photography by hosting thoughtfully curated exhibitions that showcase internationally renowned practitioners alongside emerging and established talent from Alberta. Exposure provides an exciting, innovative meeting place for practitioners and art lovers to connect with one another and communicate with curators and industry professionals from around the world. Bringing together those of all ages and arts engagement to celebrate Alberta’s rich photography scenes and creative communities providing access and enjoyment the festival program for all.

You can ask Beth for feedback on your portfolio, photo book dummies and zines. If you are looking for advice on your publication’s narrative, sequencing and editing or its distribution and marketing, Beth would be happy to help! Beth’s curatorial practice and special interests are with works related to youth culture and subculture.


Upcoming dates for surgeries: 

02 August 2020 – Magda Kuca, Alternative Process Photography
03 September 2020 – Beth Kane, Coordinator of Exposure Photography Festival
TBC October 2020 – Arjen Janssen, Art Director at Fujifilm Original Photo Paper



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