BOOK: Lowlands by Ester Vonplon (IIKKI Books)

Lowlands is the result of a dialogue between Shutter Hub member, artist Ester Vonplon, and musicians Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer. It was initiated by IIKKI – a project which brings together visual and music artists to produce a body of work in the form of a fine art book and a vinyl. We loved the work – a beautiful and ethereal visual and audio journey – and just had to share it with you!



Lowlands was created over the course of a year, with the journey beginning when Ester Vonplon travelled to Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean in summer 2016.

She sailed the ice-clogged seas of the Arctic Ocean on a three-masted sailing vessel, to capture the impressions of the calving glaciers and melting ice.

This journey in the Arctic Ocean was the perfect beginning for Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer to compose and record Lowlands. 



The complete project works in two physical imprints – the book and the vinyl. 

IIKKI recommend that these be appreciated in different manners:

– the book watched alone 

– the vinyl listened to alone 

– the book and the vinyl watched and listened to together. 



Editions are limited to 500 copies of the fine art book and 500 copies of the vinyl.

Book: hardcover, 30cm x 22 cm,112 pages, 88 photos, printed on Munken print white paper 150g/m2, logo, slot and anthracite circle embossed.

Vinyl: cutting lacquer, printed on polish paperboard, mastered by Taylor Deupree.

You can listen to a preview of the music, and order the book and the vinyl, at the IIKKI website, here.



All images © Ester Vonplon



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