Body & Space by Beata Zygarlowska, Art at the Alison Richard Building

You can find a new exhibition of photography, Body & Space by Beata Zygarlowska at ‘Art at the Alison Richard Building’ exhibition space at the Universtiy of Cambridge:

Beata Zygarlowska’s photographic works explore senses of space created by, and around the human body. Utilising her background in architecture, Beata approaches the scale of the built environment in a free and abstract way. In combining it with the photographic technique of double exposure, she creates images which construct new relationships between an object and its surroundings. Poetic ideas are framed in space and time; the sensuous skin of a woman set against the cold skin of a modernist building, a male figure as the bedrock of a skyscraper or a spinning female dancer in a void.  Unfamiliar representations of bodies in space transform our reality into abstract impressions, questioning our experience of what we know, or what we think we know.

The exhibition is now on at Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DT until 1 July 2016. Find out more here.



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